Treatment for black spots and stretch marks



I have lots of blackspots around my bumb and also in my hands and neck. i also have stretch marks and lines around my neck.could u help me with a cream or home treatment


Would certainly be happy to help. Please upload your details and pictures onto my website and I shall get back to you. The website FAQ’s should give you all the information you need regarding my teleconsultation service.

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  • Dr.Sasi Attili

    Stretch marks are difficult to treat but can slowly fade with treatment. However the black heads are unusual. Please register and upload photos of the spots on my website. Once payment is processed I shall get back to you. Thanks

  • sara

    hi, i had a baby 3 years ago and my stomach got a lot of stretch marks. they are very big and go all along my stomach. now they are kind of wrinkly and get black heads in the wrinkles. recentaly i have seen black spots on my stretch marks. i dont know how to get rid of this problem please help.